As A Partner We Will...

  • Provide you with potentional employees who have a desire to work and would be a good fit for you.

  • Offer you a opportunity to assist members of your community, in realizing their goals and improving their quality fo life.

  • On the job training and coaching are supports that are offered to assure success of their individuals.

  • Provide support to the employer and employee to help with smooth transition and orientation into a successful employment enviornment at no cost.

  • Provide the services of dedicated employment specialist who assist in the implementation of working strategies, direct instruction on the job as well as developing good working relationships with co- workers and managers.

  • Offer on going follow up and supports upon completion of the training process to ensure the long term success of the individual working in the community.

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The Coalition for Workforce Diversity is a collaborative of service providers and employers working to expand employment for people with disabilities in the Louisville region. To learn more Click Here:
Willie Byrd:
Willie Byrd has been the Executive Director of Options Unlimited, Inc. since 1996. Under his leadership, the agency has broadened it services to a wider range of individuals and now has offices in multiple locations. Willie has dedicated 25+ years to helping individuals with disabilities find and succeed in jobs. He earned a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Kentucky.

Willie leads the Coalition for Workforce Diversity that was formed to assist companies in implementing employment initiatives for people with disabilities. There are over 2 dozen employers and 35 employment agencies participating in the Coalition. As a result of this collaboration, companies like UPS, Best Buy, Walgreens, Lowes, and Humana employ over 150 people in their operations. The Coalition has proven a valuable partner to these employers by opening communication, providing training and support to both the employers and their employees.

Philip Donahue:
Phil currently serves as the Project Manager for the Coalition for Workforce Diversity. Phil recently retired from UPS after 32 years as a Human Resources manager and has experience in many facets of HR including Workforce Planning and Affirmative Action Plan compliance.  As the Workforce Development manager for the UPS Air Group, he was responsible for several key employment and diversity-related initiatives in support of staffing and workforce retention for Worldport, UPS’s main air hub located in Louisville, KY.

Phil is the current Vice President of the Kentucky Industry Liaison Group, is a U.S. Army veteran and was recently nominated to the Kentucky Statewide Council for Vocational Rehabilitation. He holds degrees in Business Management and Management Psychology from the University of Kentucky.

As Project Manager for the Coalition for Workforce Diversity, he has the primary responsibility for making the connections between lead partners, service providers, employers and people with disabilities, with a focus on increasing awareness and opportunities.

The Transitional Learning Center (TLC)  is a joint effort between UPS, Options Unlimited, and the Coalition for Workforce Diversity. Located within Worldport, the main Air Hub for UPS's global transportation network.
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